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About Us

We are a small farm in rural Vermont focused on producing young horses who combine excellent confirmation with affectionate personalities and solid training. We produce 1-2 foals each year and carefully place them in homes where they will thrive and meet their potential while becoming a member of the family. We begin the imprinting process from birth and continuously train our foals and young stock.


We have 2 ster Friesian mares (Xsandra and Sabina) and 2 Gypsy Vanner mares (Stepper and Cinnamon) from Tom Price’s herd. Each mare was chosen based on her confirmation to the breed, her disposition and her athletic ability.

We aim to produce the best specimens of these two breeds. We feel both of these breeds are noble and beautiful horses who have an amazing connection to the people and families they come in contact with. Our goal is to produce young stock that discerning equestrians are looking for, are affordable and will become a part of your family.

We chose the Friesian breed for their intelligence, beauty and calm demeanor. Riding these horses is the most wonderful feeling you can imagine. Their high stepping gaits blended with their strength provides a secure yet exhilarating ride. We choose Gypsy Vanners breed for many of the same reasons, but with the added bonus that the Gypsy are the quietest breed I have ever worked with. They are what I call my stunning horses to grow old with. I feel I will be able to ride them for the rest of my life safely. My friends who are a bit timid about a big horse enjoy hopping on a gypsy for an easy ride.